Tom Koch
Result per session
SessionPos.Best laptime
Free Practice Open132:05.266
RAM Qualifying Heat Open132:09.740
Warm up Group 1202:23.451
Race 2 (MX2 + Open)162:22.052
Race 3 (MXGP + Open)182:18.661
Season Classifications:
YearChampionshipClass Position
2017Motocross European ChampionshipEMX25020
2018FIM Motocross World ChampionshipMX230
2019FIM Motocross World ChampionshipMXGP32
2019FIM Motocross of NationsMXGP7
2020FIM Motocross World ChampionshipMXGP37
2021FIM Motocross World ChampionshipMXGP23
2022FIM Motocross World ChampionshipMXGP22
2022FIM Motocross of NationsOpen10
2023FIM Motocross World ChampionshipMXGP18
2023FIM Motocross of NationsOpen9