Dean Ferris
Result per session
SessionPos.Best laptime
Free Practice MXGP191:48.878
Qualifying Heat MXGP101:48.056
Warm up Group 272:15.829
Race 1 (MXGP + MX2)151:59.632
Race 3 (MXGP + Open)302:06.966
GP Wins:
Class: MX2
Overall by class
classGP wins
Overall GP wins
Season Classifications:
YearChampionshipClass Position
2010FIM Motocross World ChampionshipMX145
2010FIM Motocross of NationsMX29
2012FIM Motocross World ChampionshipMX123
2013FIM Motocross World ChampionshipMX26
2013FIM Motocross of NationsMX22
2014FIM Motocross World ChampionshipMXGP24
2015FIM Motocross World ChampionshipMXGP11
2015FIM Motocross of NationsOpen8
2016FIM Motocross of NationsOpen4
2017FIM Motocross of NationsMXGP10
2019FIM Motocross World ChampionshipMXGP48
2019FIM Motocross of NationsMXGP13