Rene Hofer
Result per session
SessionPos.Best laptime
Free Practice152:12.408
Time Practice142:08.937
Grand Prix Race 142:10.521
Grand Prix Race 2102:11.901
Season Classifications:
YearChampionshipClass Position
2012Motocross European ChampionshipEMX653
2012FIM Junior Motocross World Championship6510
2013Motocross European ChampionshipEMX655
2013FIM Junior Motocross World Championship656
2015FIM Junior Motocross World Championship856
2016Motocross European ChampionshipEMX851
2016Motocross European ChampionshipEMX12539
2016FIM Junior Motocross World Championship851
2017Motocross European ChampionshipEMX1255
2017FIM Junior Motocross World Championship1255
2018Motocross European ChampionshipEMX1253
2019FIM Motocross World ChampionshipMX229
2019Motocross European ChampionshipEMX2504
2019FIM Motocross of NationsMX28
2020FIM Motocross World ChampionshipMX226
2021FIM Motocross of NationsMX21